Manufacturer of Automatic Cup Mask Machine Equipment

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product information
This equipment only needs to be equipped with a fully automatic cup mask nose beam earband welding machine, which can produce numerous cup masks which are sold well in the market.

Machine size
7,500 mm (long) x 2,500 mm (wide) x 2,900 mm (high)
Driving mode
Electronic control mode
Control panel
Man-machine interface (touch screen)
220V, 50/60HZ,1P
Applicable materials
PP spunbonded fabric, melt blown fabric, filter cotton, electrostatic cotton.
Product specification
It can be customized according to requirements.
Not at all.

Product configuration and characteristics:

1. The national registered brand "NOVO" mask machine is the N95, cup-shaped, dust-proof, three-dimensional fully automatic mask machine in the industry. At the same time, it has also achieved a breakthrough technological revolution in the industry.

2. The advanced servo and constant temperature control system adopted by the machine makes the material complete at one time from entering to forming to welding to punching through PLC program control, and the whole production process is fully automated.

3. The product is exquisitely manufactured and its quality completely meets or exceeds the domestic and foreign testing standards. At the same time, it saves more than 30% of the previous market mask equipment. Thus, we can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency in a real sense.