Industrial Equipment of Fully Automatic Folding Cloth Slicing Mask Machine

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product information
Product Description: 1. Full-automatic equipment: This machine adopts PLC control system imported from Japan, each part is very precise, which directly and effectively affects the efficiency of production products. At this time, it simplifies a lot of complicated operations, one key can start production, and the production efficiency can be adjusted according to the speed.

2. The operation is simple and the frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted to make the speed regulation more intuitive. The action process is controlled by PLC and intellectualized.

3. Ultrasound has the function of overload protection, which greatly reduces the rate of waste products.

4. The gear and sprocket are used to change the speed at a fixed ratio, so that the rotation ratio is more coordinated and stable. It has the function of eye detection and reading.
Machine size
3100 (long) x 700 (wide) x 2050 (high) mm
Driving mode
Electronic control mode
Control panel
Touch screen
   220V, 50/60HZ,1P
Power consumption
Applicable materials
PP spunbonded fabrics, melt-blown fabrics, electrostatic cotton
Product specification
Design according to customer's requirement
40-120 tablets per minute