Automatic Connector BF-FM-10132

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product information
When the mask body is made, the conveyor belt is conveyed to the mask earband welder to weld the earband part to complete a complete earband mask. Only one operator is needed to operate the whole production line. If the connecting machine is a tractor-three type, that is, a body machine and three ear-belt machines are connected, the output can reach 110 pieces per minute.
Machine size
2,500 mm (long) x 4,500 mm (wide) x 1,500 mm (high)
Driving mode
Servo Motor and Stepping Motor
Electronic control mode
Control panel
Man-machine interface (touch screen) and buttons
220V, 50/60HZ,1P
Applicable materials
PP nonwovens, composite fibers
Product specification
Standard type: 175 x 95mm special type: 180 x 95mm, 145 x 90mm, 125 x 90mm
About 80 tablets per minute
It can also be connected to three ear-belt machines for production at the same time.