Service Content

All the whole machine or spare parts produced by our company are entitled to free warranty service for a certain period of time; all the machines produced by the company are provided with on-site installation and commissioning and operator training. All the machines produced by the company can provide operation instructions. 6*8 hours technical consultation telephone service The company provides emergency maintenance service. The Pearl River Delta area can provide on-site maintenance service within 24 hours. The other domestic areas are 48 hours; international customers negotiate separately.

Warranty period and scope of repair

All the self-delivery of the whole machine arrives at the designated place of the customer, and the warranty is one year from the date of installation and commissioning; the warranty period of the main random parts is 80 days to 180 days, which is executed according to the purchase contract; The whole machine or spare parts, the company provides paid repair service at cost price


The damaged parts are not covered by the warranty; the customer replaces the faults or damage caused by the internal parts (including mechanical and electrical parts) of the unit not provided by the company; due to force majeure factors (such as fire, earthquake, flood, mudslide, etc.) Failure or damage; malfunction or damage caused by intentional damage, mishandling or other human factors.


Service Hotline

In case of machine failure or operational problems, please call our after-sales service hotline 86-769-22777100