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    The use of folding mask machine!
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    Don't look down on the terrible dust
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    metal and abrasive dust can cause damage to the cornea, resulting in dull touch and turbid cornea; asphalt smoke can cause light rational dermatitis under sunlight. The toxic effect of dust found by cup respirator manufacturers refers to the toxic scene caused by inhalation of lead, arsenic, mangane...

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    Nanjing "haze" mode officially entered
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    In the early morning, there was fog and dense fog in Nanjing, with visibility of 30 meters. The Municipal Meteorological Station issued red and orange warning signals of heavy fog respectively. Subsequently, with the help of sunshine, visibility gradually improved yesterday morning.

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    Teach you how to deal with common failures of automation equipment
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    Since the rise of ultrasonic automation, it has gradually become the "Darling" of various industries, ranging from scientific research, industry and agriculture, to family and daily use. With the prosperity and promotion of ultrasonic automation technology, the number of automation manufacturers is ...