Inspection of external equipment of respirat

发布日期:2020-03-24 15:38
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The transmission system of the outer point machine of the mask includes motor, gear, reducer, chain wheel, chain, conveyor belt and other components. We need to check whether there is dust on the outer surface of the folding mask machine that affects the heat dissipation, whether there is oil on the gear and chain wheel, and whether there is adhesion. Whether the chain tightness is suitable, whether there are foreign matters, and whether the connecting screws between the transmission parts are loose, etc. Is there enough lubricating oil for the reducer?

Inspection of equipment for
external point machine of respirator:

1、 Ultrasonic system: (composed of ultrasonic box, vibrator, welding head and connecting line).
Check whether the ultrasonic system is clean. Especially, it is necessary to clean the ultrasonic box, vibrator (transducer) and welding head (expansion ratio) monotonously without water, and the connecting line must be firm. Often check the wear degree of ultrasonic welding head. Pay attention to the change plan of voltmeter and ammeter pointer on the ultrasonic electric box.

2、 Air supply system of folding mask machine: (composed of air filter system, air pipe and air cylinder).
Is there water in the air filter cup? Discharge water and discharge water to the air compressor by the way (discharge water to the air compressor: discharge water to the air compressor every day in the area with high humidity). Check the air pipe for air leakage? Is the cylinder leaking? Whether the orientation and operation of the air cylinder magnetic protection sensor are normal.

3、 Electrical system:
Check whether the circuit connector of the equipment is loose, and whether the main power line and branch signal line are worn? Ageing? Loose electrical parts? Whether the electric box is clean and monotonous, and whether the exhaust fan works normally, etc.
For the product equipment and features of the folding mask machine, it mainly includes:
1、 The machine adopts the leading program control, simple button operation, full display of humanized operation concept;
2、 One to four layers of high standard mask can be formed at one time, which has a fast setting speed. Common technology is selected to deal with the traditional sticking problem.
3、 One out of six stations / two groups (12 stations in total) can be achieved together, with high efficiency.
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