Teach you how to deal with common failures of automation equipment

发布日期:2020-01-13 11:37
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Since the rise of ultrasonic automation, it has gradually become the "Darling" of various industries, ranging from scientific research, industry and agriculture, to family and daily use. With the prosperity and promotion of ultrasonic automation technology, the number of automation manufacturers is increasing. Now Hongxiang machinery has reached a relatively high level in the quality of ultrasonic automation equipment and after-sales service. Today, it is guaranteed that Quality assurance teaches you how to deal with the common faults of ultrasonic automation equipment:

1、 Check the power supply and air source
50% of the reasons for the failure of the ultrasonic mask machine are due to the problems of power supply and air source. For example, due to the problems of power supply, it will lead to such problems as the burnout of the insurance, poor contact of the plug and low power of the power supply; due to the abnormal opening of the air pump, it will lead to the failure of the pneumatic parts, etc., so it is suggested that when the ultrasonic mask machine fails, the priority should be given Check these conditions;

2、 See if the position of the sensor deviates
Many faults of the
ultrasonic mask machine are often related to the position of the sensor. During the use of the equipment, vibration will inevitably occur. With the increase of the vibration times, the sensor may shift due to looseness. When the position of the sensor is shifted, its sensitivity and sensitivity will be affected, and warning signals will appear to remind you to Check and correct the position of the sensor regularly to avoid affecting the normal use of the equipment;

3、 Regular inspection of relay and other components
In fact, the relay of the
ultrasonic mask machine is the same as the sensor in the use process. If you don't pay attention to the maintenance and repair for a long time, there will be adhesion, which will lead to the abnormality of the electrical circuit. At the same time, the pressure regulating spring of the throttle valve will also slide and loosen due to the vibration of the equipment, which will lead to the abnormal operation of the mask equipment. Therefore, we should pay attention to the relay and pressure Regular maintenance of valves, etc;

After equipment failure, in addition to the above three solutions, we also need to conduct regular maintenance on the electrical and electric circuit connections. If the components in these circuits fail, they should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal production progress
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