The protection of folding mask machine is divided into several aspects

发布日期:2020-01-06 15:38
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Five features of non-woven mask machine:

1、 The non-woven mask machine uses ultrasonic welding, which does not need to sew, saves the trouble of changing the needle and thread again and again. It does not have the broken joint condition of traditional suture suture, and can also cut and seal the textile orderly. The stitching also has the effect of decoration. It has strong adhesive force and can reach the waterproof effect. The embossing is clear. The surface has more three-dimensional relief effect. The operation speed is fast and the product effect is better and more high-grade beautiful. The quality is guaranteed.

2、 The non-woven mask machine uses ultrasound to process special steel wheel, the sealing edge is not cracked, the cloth edge is not damaged, and there is no burr and curling appearance.

3、 It does not need preheating during manufacturing and can be operated continuously.

4、 The operation of
folding mask machine is simple, and there is not much difference between the traditional sewing machine and the folding mask machine. Usually, the sewing worker can operate it.

5、 Low cost, 5 to 6 times faster than traditional machines, high efficiency.

The proper maintenance and protection of the non-woven mask machine can not only delay the decline of the accuracy of the non-woven mask machine, but also reduce the probability of equipment repair.

Usually we divide the protection of
non-woven mask machine and folding mask machine into several aspects: appearance, transmission system, electrical system, ultrasonic system and pneumatic system. (it is necessary to protect and maintain the equipment after shutdown and power failure)

Appearance: masks are used by us to wear on the face, some even need to be used in the operating room, so it is necessary for the production of masks to request the non-woven mask machine to clean neatly. At the end of each day, personnel shall be arranged to clean the working surface of the equipment and the plate containing the mask after the shutdown and power failure. Attention shall be paid not to use water or oil. Alcohol and other non-toxic and volatile cleaning liquid can be used.

Transmission system: the transmission system includes motor, gear, reducer, chain wheel, chain, conveyor belt and other parts. We need to check whether there is dust on the external surface of the motor which affects the heat dissipation, whether there is oil on the gear and chain wheel, and whether there is adhesion. Whether the chain tightness is suitable, whether there are foreign matters, and whether the connecting screws between the transmission parts are loose, etc. Is there enough lubricating oil for the reducer? It is usually necessary to replace the lubricating oil once in 1000-1500 hours.

Electrical system: check whether the circuit connector of the equipment is loose, and whether the main power line and branch signal line are worn? Ageing? Loose electrical materials? Is the inside of the electric box clean and dry? Is the exhaust fan working normally.

Ultrasonic system: (composed of ultrasonic box, blocker, welding head and connecting wire) check whether the ultrasonic system is clean, especially if the ultrasonic box, blocker (transducer) and welding head (expansion ratio) need dry cleaning without water, and the connecting wire needs to be solid. Check the wear degree of ultrasonic welding head frequently. Pay attention to investigate the change scale of voltmeter and ammeter pointer on folding mask machine.

Air supply system: (from air filter system, air pipe, air cylinder)
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