The structure and application of active carbon mask introduced by mask manufacturer

发布日期:2020-04-08 11:35
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Activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect. The filtering principle of activated carbon mask is to absorb all harmful gases into the gap through the filter material of activated carbon layer in the mask. There are two main types of active carbon masks: active carbon fiber cloth and active carbon particles.

Main body of
face mask: it can be simply understood that it is a frame of face mask, which is composed of two layers of non-woven fabric on the outside, one layer of ultra-fine melt blown filter paper and one layer of high-efficiency activated carbon cloth. The details are as follows:

1. Outer non-woven fabric: it can filter particles larger than 10um in the air and play the role of moisture-proof;

2. Active carbon cloth with high efficiency in the middle layer: it can absorb all kinds of industrial waste gas and decompose toxic gas, with long-lasting effect and not easy to saturate;

3. Super filter paper in the middle layer: it can effectively block the micro particles less than 2.5um in the air, with good dust-proof and bacteria filtering effects;

4. Inner super soft non-woven fabric: it has special effects of acid resistance, alkali resistance, bacteria filtration, skin care, etc. it is comfortable to wear and not allergic.

5. Two ear bands: mainly for fixing on the face.

6. Bridge of nose: mainly for shaping.

7. Face arc reservation layer: it is mainly opened to form an arc so that the mask will not touch or directly stick to the face.

Application occasions of
active carbon mask:

1. Working in the newly decorated office building, full of toxic gas, you need an active carbon gas mask to protect you;

2. In the crowded bus, breathing the air full of germs, you need an active carbon mask;

3. On the crowded streets in the city, the diffuse automobile exhaust makes you suffocate, you need an active carbon mask;

4. Patients with respiratory diseases are more sensitive to air pollution. The active carbon mask can improve the protective ability, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease.

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