N95 respirator manufacturer tells you that dust mask has many advantages

发布日期:2019-12-23 18:33
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Dust mask is the necessary protective equipment for operators who are engaged in and exposed to dust. It is mainly used in the working environment with low concentration of harmful gas and steam and the working environment with dust. This paper introduces the advantages of dust masks to you.
First, the dust-proof power of the
dust mask.
The level of dust resistance power is based on its barrier power to fine dust, especially to respirable dust under 5 microns.

Second, how close the
mask is to the shape of the face.
Air, like water, moves first where there is little resistance. When the shape of the mask is not close to the face, the dangerous substances in the air will leak into the respiratory tract from the sealing place. Well, even if you choose the best filter. There is no guarantee of your health. Now many foreign laws and regulations, workers should be punctual mask tightness test. The purpose is to ensure that workers choose appropriate masks and wear masks according to the accurate process.

Third, comfortable wearing
Plead for small respiratory resistance, light weight, no peculiar smell, no skin irritation, wear and clean, easy to install. In this way, workers will be willing to insist on wearing and advancing their working power in the workplace.
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