N95 respirator manufacturer talk about 3M dust mask knowledge

发布日期:2019-12-23 18:29
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3M dust mask is a kind of dust mask, the main protection object is dust particles. Including dust (generated by mechanical crushing), fog (liquid), smoke (generated by combustion, etc.) and microorganism, also known as aerosol. In this paper, N95 mask machine manufacturers give you a brief introduction.

3M dust masks can be divided into folding dust masks and cup dust masks according to their types. Cup shaped dust mask is a pre molded structure supporting filter material, which is not easy to collapse and easy to maintain shape; while folding dust mask is convenient for single packaging and easy to carry. A closed space is formed after wearing, and dust particles are filtered by self suction negative pressure.

3M dust masks are now made of high-efficiency electrostatic filter materials. Different dust masks use different filter materials. The filtering effect of the mask is related to the particle size of dust particles and whether the particles are oily. 3M dust masks are usually classified according to the filtering efficiency and whether they are suitable for filtering oily particles. Non oil filter materials are common, such as dust, water-based fog, paint fog, oil-free smoke (welding smoke), microorganism, etc. Oil particles such as oil mist, oil fume, asphalt fume, coke oven fume, etc. The dust mask with oil particles is also suitable for the protection of non oil particles.

After long-term use of the mask, dust particles will be accumulated on the surface of the filter cotton, which will increase the respiratory resistance and affect people's normal use. But 3M dust mask has developed a dust mask with patented cold flow exhalation valve through continuous innovation. The exhalation valve reduces exhalation resistance and helps to exhaust hot and humid air, so it is more suitable for high temperature environment.

The more commonly used industrial
3M dust masks are welded dust masks (such as 3m8515 masks, used for metal smoke protection, flame retardant outer layer, etc.), activated carbon dust masks (3m8247 masks, effectively removing formaldehyde odor), while 3M medical protective masks are also very popular in the medical field, such as 3m1860 medical masks, mainly used for the prevention of respiratory infectious diseases, such as SARS, tuberculosis and influenza And so on. In order to prevent blood spatter and bacteria contamination of the surgical wound, the design of medical protective mask does not allow the design of breath valve.

Compared with dust mask,
3M dust mask is lighter and more breathable, which is more suitable for the needs of the public. In addition, 3M industrial mask can not be cleaned and reused for maintenance free, so in some cases, Shanghai Xihe still suggests to use dust mask or 3M gas mask, such as in mining areas, coal mines and other places with high dust concentration, because the mouth The daily replacement of the cover will greatly increase the relative production cost.
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