Non-woven mask manufacturers explain the advantages and disadvantages of non-woven mask

发布日期:2019-12-16 17:48
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Non-woven mask is a common kind of dust mask made of non-woven material, which can only block some dust and large diameter particles, but has limited effect on bacteria, viruses, PM2.5 and other small particles. If the environment has virus bacteria, fast yuda non-woven mask manufacturers recommend to buy N95 masks or professional gas masks from my protection.

Type of
non-woven mask

There are two types of non-woven respirators as respiratory protective equipment. One is made of pure cotton degreased gauze or knitted fabric with various non-woven fabrics sandwiched in the middle. The other is directly made of non-woven fabric. And now the new non-woven mask is the surface and the back of the non-woven material, the middle will be sandwiching a layer of filter paper, so that the non-woven mask filtering effect has been improved.

non-woven mask advantages

1, good ventilation, non-woven fabric is better than other fabrics ventilation, and if there is filter paper in the non-woven fabric, its filter will be better; At the same time, non-woven masks are much better than gauze masks in water absorption and water resistance.

non-woven mask good elasticity, even if the left and right stretch will not appear messy phenomenon, its feel is good, very soft, even if it is washed for many times, in the sun irradiation will not become hard. The non-woven mask has great elasticity and can return to its original shape after long-term use.

Three, non-woven mask shortcomings

Compared with other types of masks, non-woven masks have poor strength and durability, and they cannot be cleaned. If they are not used properly, they are prone to tear. Secondly, the protection level of non-woven mask is low. After all, the material production process is relatively basic. In the case of epidemic or haze, non-woven mask basically cannot be protected.
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