Discussion on the selection of dust masks for miners

发布日期:2020-03-09 15:39
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Mine workers should wear appropriate dust respirators to effectively prevent the mine dust from being absorbed by the respiratory tract of human body. The dust filter cotton can isolate the harmful dust, thus ensuring the workers' breathing safety in mine operation to a certain extent. Mine workers should wear the appropriate type of dust respirator, how to choose dust respirator, pay attention to the following points when buying:

Above all, should notice the filter grade of
dustproof mask. At present, most mine workers use professional 3M dust mask, N95 dust mask is the majority. The so-called N95 level means that the protection efficiency is 95%, and the efficiency of effectively filtering fine particles is more than 95%. However, the cheap dustproof masks on the market only focus on the protection efficiency, not the fit between the mask and the face, so the leakage rate is much higher than the level of 5%. At present, the highest level is KN100, that is, the filtration efficiency is 99.97%. Basically completely put an end to the dust injury to the human body. In combination with the above, dust respirators for mine use should try to choose N95 or higher level dust respirators.

Secondly, according to the principle of similar phase solution, the wearing of rubber dust mask on oily skin will cause swelling and decay of the
mask, and the long-term wearing of rubber main mask will make the skin feel itchy and even red rash. So in the purchase of mine dust mask must avoid the use of rubber body mask. The best dust mask mask body generally choose silica gel material non-toxic tasteless wear comfortable, but the price of dust mask relative to rubber material is much more expensive.

A few points to note when choosing
dust masks for mine workers:

1. Quality of dust mask. A qualified dustproof mask shall be certified by gb2626-2006. Cheap, low-quality dust masks do not provide effective protection.

2. Protection level. Dust respirators used in mines are of low protection grade, low filtration efficiency and high leakage rate, so that wearers cannot be effectively protected. KN100 grade is the product with the highest level of protection in half mask.

3. Wear airtight. Mine dust respirators with poor adaptability may result in dust leakage or wear masks that are often removed due to facial discomfort, causing unnecessary damage. In particular, some masks smell bad or cause skin irritation and cannot be worn for long periods of time.

4. Cost of mask use. The long service life of mine dust respirator is relatively economical and the comprehensive protection cost is low. It can effectively reduce the protection cost while ensuring the protection quality and comfort. Although unit price of some protective products is very low, because quality is poor, service life is short, cause actual protective cost to be high or indirect cause body harm.
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