Which kind of mask is good? How to distinguish the type of mask

发布日期:2019-12-09 09:00
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Mask is mainly used to protect the external dust and harmful substances inhaled by the human respiratory personal protective equipment. According to the use, mask products are mainly divided into four categories: dust mask, medical protective mask, medical surgical mask and thermal mask. Due to the wide variety and different functions of masks sold on the market, people are often at a loss when choosing masks.

Dust mask is mainly used to protect dust, smoke and other particulate air pollutants. Dust mask can reduce the pneumoconiosis and chronic poisoning caused by the air pollutants produced in the working environment entering the human body through the respiratory tract. The medical protective mask is mainly used to reduce the risk of doctors being infected by respiratory diseases and blood splashes at work.

medical surgical mask is mainly used to prevent the bacteria discharged by the medical staff when they breathe and speak from polluting the surgical wound, and at the same time, it can also prevent the splashes of blood and body fluids produced in the operation from polluting and infecting the doctors. As the name implies, the thermal mask is mainly used to prevent cold and keep warm. It has the characteristics of strong air permeability and comfortable wearing. It is necessary for winter travel.

Because different types of
dust masks are used for different purposes, the corresponding product standards and product parameters are totally different, so it is wrong to test the PM2.5 filtering efficiency of thermal masks with the national standard of particle respirators, which can be said to be "Zhang Guanli Dai", and the target is wrong.

Taking 3M
dust mask as an example, according to the national standards of various countries, we have launched a number of series and certification level masks. For example, N95 and N100 respirators that meet NIOSH (National Institute of occupational safety and health) standards and Kn90 and kn95 series respirators that meet Chinese national standards (gb2626-2006) are used. As the standards of China and the United States are relatively close, both 3M N95 and kn95 masks are enough to cope with the suspended particles in haze weather.

3M thermal mask, made of 3M technology thermal insulation material, is 1.5 times as warm as down of the same thickness. With three-dimensional cutting and adjustable nose piece design, this series of thermal masks fit the face to the greatest extent, which has become the only choice for consumers when they go out in winter.
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