Explain the principle and control system of automatic packaging machine

发布日期:2019-12-09 09:00
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Automatic packaging machine is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry and other industries. Now it is mainly used in the packaging of masks, instant noodles, moon cakes, ice-cream, chocolate, yolk pies, egg rolls, bread, sausage, frozen food, medicine and other solid shape items. So the automatic packaging machine is so widely used in our life, how does it work? Now follow Xiaobian to understand the principle and control system of automatic packaging machine.

With the improvement of automation, people's living standards have been greatly improved. In the use of packaging machine and technology have been improved. The use of automation technology has reduced the professional skill requirements of year-old operators. The quality of product packaging is closely related to the temperature system, the speed accuracy of the main engine and the stability of the tracking system. So what is a tracking system? The tracking system is the control core of the
packaging machine, which adopts the forward and reverse two-way tracking to further improve the tracking accuracy.

The use of tracking system can timely compensate and correct the errors of packaging materials in the production process, avoiding the waste of packaging materials. If the detection fails to meet the technical requirements after tracking the predetermined number of times, it can automatically stop the machine for inspection to avoid the generation of waste products; because of the frequency control, the chain drive is greatly reduced, the stability and reliability of the machine operation are improved, and the noise of the machine operation is reduced. It ensures the high-tech level of high efficiency, low loss, automatic detection, etc.
Automatic packaging machine

In addition, some additional configurations are necessary for the
full-automatic packaging machine, such as date batch number coding machine, configuration of various feeding systems, middle seal structure design, inflation configuration, and many additional configurations to assist our full-automatic packaging machine. In this way, all kinds of anti-counterfeiting packaging appeared in the shopping mall is the result of our full-automatic packaging machine development efforts. In this way, we can not only ensure the uniqueness of the manufacturer's production brand, but also ensure that consumers can recognize the product logo when they buy, and buy goods at ease.

Control system of
packaging machine:

(1) the device or element that can adjust the given signal size according to the process requirements.

(2) a device by which the detecting element senses the change of the controlled variable in the controlled object and converts it into an electrical signal (such as voltage and current). The output signal of the detecting element is the basis of control, so it is required to be accurate, timely and sensitive.

(3) here, the comparison link compares the feedback signal output by the detection element with the given signal to determine the size and direction (positive and negative) of the deviation signal.

(4) since the deviation signals of the amplification elements are generally small, they can only be driven by voltage amplification and power amplification. Most of the amplification elements are transistor amplifiers or integrated amplifiers. The comparison element and the amplification element are combined at the same time. Some literatures are called controllers or regulators.

(5) the function of the actuator is to receive the amplified deviation signal, directly drive the controlled object and make the controlled variable change, so as to reduce the deviation and realize the control requirements.

(6) controlled object (control object, transferred object) refers to the production equipment or machine whose process parameters need to be controlled in the automatic control system. The heater in the packaging process, the hopper of automatic measurement, the motor in the speed control, etc. can be controlled objects.

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