Use of folding mask machine

发布日期:2019-12-02 14:28
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The cost of social development is environmental pollution. The deteriorating environment makes people at a loss, even breathing is threatened. Folding masks produced by folding masks can absorb harmful particles in the air and reduce the harm of haze to our bodies.

With the development of society and the expansion of urban construction, all cities are in the process of demolition and reconstruction. Each modification and construction will bring a lot of damage to the surrounding environment. As a resident friend living in the environmental reconstruction, in order to protect his own health, it is the best way to go out and use a mask. Generally, in the period of building modification and construction, the dust in the air is less than 5 microns, and ordinary masks cannot block the fine dust below 5 microns, so a good choice is
folding masks.

Folding mask machine is a kind of
special-shaped mask machine. This kind of equipment is also one of the advanced mask production equipment at present. It has a high degree of automation, and it is completed automatically from the feeding to the output of finished products. It is easy to operate, easy to learn and easy to learn. It can effectively save a lot of labor costs. Folding mask is a high efficiency three-dimensional mask, which is a three-dimensional protective type, effectively isolating all kinds of fine dust.

The main reason why the
folding mask can effectively block fine dust is that the filter material, which is composed of fibers that can always be static electricity, can make the wearer catch those fine dust particles when wearing the folding mask, and block all kinds of harmful substances outside the mask, effectively protecting human health. In particular, the respiratory system itself has disease friends, wearing folding masks has become an effective protection measures, we as the new era of urban youth, we should learn to do our own protection work, to ensure that the health of the body is not affected.
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