Precautions for bandage mask machine

发布日期:2019-12-02 14:24
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Bandage mask machine is a kind of bandage welding equipment for plane mask, which is mainly used for bandage welding of non-woven plane mask. It can weld various types of bandages of plane mask, mainly suitable for bandage welding of 2-layer non-woven plane mask, 3-layer non-woven plane mask, medical plane mask, 4-layer activated carbon plane mask and gas mask.

Precautions for bandage mask machine:

1. Before carrying the banded respirator, loosen the horizontal adjusting screw at the bottom of the machine.

2. When assembling the parts disassembled during the packing of the bandage mask machine, they need to be assembled according to the marks during the disassembly.

3. Place the
bandage mask machine in a proper position. If it needs to be fixed, please adjust the horizontal adjusting screw to make the machine level. Remove the binding and fixing rope for transportation on the equipment.

4. Before power on, use ACV gear of electric meter to check whether the power supply voltage is consistent and stable with that of the machine (AC220V, 50 / 60Hz, 1phase). Connect the power supply only when it is consistent and stable. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the electric control system and ultrasonic system.

5. Strap on respirator needs to be grounded to prevent electric leakage. After the power supply is connected, first use the electric pen to test whether the cable and the machine are live, so as to prevent the electric leakage caused by the damage of the cable during the transportation.

6. For the equipment that needs air, check whether the air pressure is 0.5-0.6pa before connecting the air source.

7. When inspecting or repairing the
bandage mask machine, stop the machine first to prevent accidents.

8. Keep the inside and outside of the machine clean and free of sundries.

9. The moving parts of transmission parts, such as chain wheel and chain knife wheel clamp, are in high risk area. Please do not touch or try to adjust these areas when the machine is running, which is easy to be pinched or cut.

10. The ultrasonic vibrator has high pressure: do not touch this part with your hand to avoid electric shock and scald.

11. Cooling fan: do not touch when the fan is rotating.

12. Do not open the electric box and ultrasonic system for non professionals or maintenance personnel. In case of electric shock!
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