The key points of respirator packing machine

发布日期:2019-12-02 14:20
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1. The stability of the mask packaging machine

This should be a problem that customers need to consider when choosing the respirator packaging machine. Of course, there is no technical problem of how to choose. Customers need to test the machine more when choosing. Because the machine does not have a strong and long-term operation at the manufacturer, it does not reflect the stability of the machine;
Mask packing machine

2. Speed requirements of respirator packaging machine

Packaging speed is a very important standard for customers when they choose the respirator packaging machine. When customers decide the expected output, they also decide the speed of the respirator packaging machine. After all, customers are mainly based on production capacity, because the packaging mode of the respirator packaging machine in the current market determines the packaging speed. At the same time, the speed of the respirator packaging machine is also related to the size of the packaging materials and the added components;

3. Expandability of respirator packaging machine

This is determined by the customer's future planning and product diversity development. Many customers may choose some low-end equipment in the early stage due to the limitations of capital and scale, such as ordinary motor or variable-frequency electric powered machine, but the future development is unmanned and automated factory, so it is necessary to choose some of them when purchasing equipment If the strength of the manufacturer of the mask packaging machine is weak or the R & D ability is not enough, and the models have not been changed and upgraded for many years, then the customers should not expect their machines to have too much improvement on the original basis;

4. Operability and safety of
mask packaging machine

Because the current respirator packaging machine still needs to be adjusted and installed by operators, including some settings and adjustments of the machine when packaging different materials, which requires that the easier and simpler the respirator packaging machine is to carry out these tasks, the better. This can save time, do not need to train operators, and can save a lot of manpower and material resources. Production safety is every The company advocates that for the safety of operators, the
mask packaging machine should be protected
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