Folding mask machine manufacturer's internal point machine and external point machine

发布日期:2019-11-18 18:20
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Folding mask machine is gradually turning over with China's economy. The development of land and air quality are declining. Fine particles are also called fine particles, fine particles and PM2.5. In February 2013, the national scientific and technical term for folding mask machine The validation committee named the Chinese name of PM2.5 as fine particles. The chemical composition of fine particles mainly includes organic carbon (OC), elemental carbon (EC), nitrate, sulfate, ammonium salt, sodium salt (Na+) and the like. PM2.5 has small particle size, large area, strong activity, and is easy to toxic and harmful substances (for example, heavy metals, microorganisms, etc.). Moreover, the residence time in the atmosphere is long and the transportation distance is long, so the impact on human health and the quality of the atmospheric environment is greater. In the usual days, masks are essential. The use of folding mask machine masks is not only used to avoid smog, but also used in hospitals, food processing plants, coal mine processing, etc. Folding mask machine

The mask machine inside the mask mask manufacturer has different meanings from the activated carbon mask. Activated carbon is a black powdery, granular or pellet-shaped amorphous carbon with a primary component of carbon and a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, and chlorine. It also has a fine structure like graphite, and only the crystal grains are small, and the layers are irregularly stacked. It has a large surface area (500-1000 m 2 /g), has a strong adsorption function, can adsorb gas, liquid or colloidal solid on its surface; a mask for gas, liquid, and adsorbed substances.
Folding mask machine

The quality can be close to the quality of the activated carbon itself. The adsorption effect is selective, and the non-polar substance of the folding mask machine is easier to adsorb than the polar substance. In the same series of substances, the higher the boiling point, the more easily the substance is adsorbed. The higher the pressure, the lower the temperature and the higher the concentration, the larger the adsorption amount. Conversely, depressurization and warming are beneficial to the desorption of gas. Commonly used for gas adsorption, separation and purification, solvent recovery, sugar liquid, grease, glycerin, drug decolorizer, deodorant for drinking water and refrigerator, filter in gas mask, can also be used as catalyst or metal salt The carrier of the catalyst. The material of the activated carbon produced by the manufacturer of the folding mask machine in the early stage is wood, hard nut shell or animal bone. Later, the coal is mainly used. After the dry distillation and activation treatment, the activated carbon production methods are as follows: 1 steam and gas activation method. The carbon is activated at 850 to 900 ° C using steam or carbon dioxide. 2 chemical activation method. The activated carbon can be obtained by using a gas evolved from an activator or impregnating the material with an activator.
Folding mask machine
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