How to reflect the effect of folding mask machine manufacturers to produce masks

发布日期:2019-11-18 18:17
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The mask machine is still very harsh in the domestic environment. The city is full of smog everywhere. The smog is harmful to the health of the human body. The general masks can't be protected. The manufacturers of folding masks think it is necessary to wear special masks. Adjust the role of protection. In the city, you can often see some pedestrians wearing masks, some for protection, some for cool, whether it is for sputum, the real role of masks you know? Mask machine

The spring wind is particularly dry. It can blow a layer of skin on the facial skin. Wearing a mask can protect the facial skin. A woman who loves beauty can protect her neck with a big mask. It is more youthful; the autumn climate is very cold and very dry. People with oral diseases can protect the respiratory tract very well by wearing masks. People with rhinitis should wear masks as little as possible; winter weather is cold and biting, and there are many people with colds, and there are many haze and climate. Wearing masks can isolate air in time. The bacteria in the disease can protect the immune system very well, preferably with a mask of PM2.5; the mask to be chosen by the painter is a 3M mask with built-in activated carbon, which can be used to isolate formaldehyde and metal elements.
Mask machine

Folding mask machine manufacturers

Folding mask machine usually use masks if necessary. Folding mask machine manufacturers recommend the use of disposable activated carbon mask to prevent poisonous gas, odor and dust from entering your body through the respiratory tract. It has 99% anti-bacterial function, preventing viruses in the air from entering the body and damaging health. The second layer of the center uses a new type of high-efficiency adsorption and filtration material, and the first layer of the center

According to the recommendations of the American Institute of Operational Clean Safety (NISOH), N95 masks under high dust operations should not be used for more than 8 hours. Assuming that the amount of particulate matter in the mask spans 200 mg, it is necessary to replace it. Assuming a significant increase in respiratory resistance, it should be replaced in time. Therefore, there is not much doubt about the use of N95 masks during normal commuting. However, even if the time of commuting is short, the manufacturer of the folding mask machine is not recommended to use the next day. Because the bacteria may be propagated in the mask, the mask can not be used for proper aseptic processing before and after the normal use. As for the N95 mask as a medical protection, it is necessary to use it severely once. It is necessary to clean the mask when it is taken into contact with the mask surface. Folding mask machine

Folding mask machine function is strong, the production power is fast, the precision is high, and there is no defective product in the root, so it can save the material and save the cost. Folding mask machine
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