The mask machine manufacturer talks about the dust-proof mask

发布日期:2019-11-11 17:50
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The breathability of the dust mask is one of the main factors affecting the wearing comfort. If the breathability is not good, the user may feel difficulty breathing when wearing it, and it is naturally difficult to wear it for a long time. When used, the dust mask with poor air permeability is not suitable for patients with respiratory diseases, pregnant women, children, etc. So what are the factors associated with the breathability of the dust mask

First, the relationship between the breathability of the dust mask and the fabric structure

The pore size is closely related to the fabric venting function. The larger the average pore size of the same fabric, the better the gas permeability; there are obvious differences in the pore size and air permeability of different fabrics. The double-knit fabric has a much lower air permeability than the single-knit fabric, so the double-knit fabric has a very good barrier property of harmful substances. Nonwoven fabrics generally exhibit a single fiber network structure with greater gas permeability. 

The breathability of the fabric followed by the increase in the number of layers showed a clear downward trend. The relationship between the fabric aperture and the number of layers and the gas permeability was particularly important in the design of the protective mask. 

Second, the relationship between the breathability of the dust mask and the filtering power 

The protective effect of the mask is mainly based on the filtering effect of the mask on harmful substances. The mask has high filtering power for harmful substances, and the air is purified. The health of the air absorbed by the human body is better, and the protective effect of the mask is better. The worse.

To have a certain degree of comfort, the mask must have a certain ventilation function, and the breathability of the mask has a certain correlation with the filtering power of the mask. When the breathable function of the mask is exceptionally bad, the mask itself blocks the entry of foreign matter into the mask, but the comfort is also low, which is not suitable for the human body to wear. When the mask has good air permeability, the material exchange in the mask table is frequent, which requires high filtration efficiency of the mask.

Third, the relationship between the breathability and adhesion of the
dust mask

When the mask and the face are not well sealed, a gap will occur, and the airflow resistance of the gap is much smaller than that of the filter material, and the airflow will preferentially pass from the flow to the place where the resistance is small, so no matter how good the mask filtering effect is, the protective effect of the mask is also Not very high. Therefore, the adhesion of the dust mask is an important condition for ensuring the protective effect of the mask. The better the mask's adhesion, the better the ventilation function of the mask is required to ensure that the air meets the breathing needs of the person through the mask. Conversely, the poorer the adhesion, the less breathable the mask is.

It can be seen that the
dust mask is not as breathable as possible, and it is not as airtight as possible. The gas permeability and the overall protective effect are a problem to be measured. It is a qualified dust mask that can properly balance the breathability and protection effect. Hard requirements.

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