The mask machine manufacturer tells you the correct way to fold the mask

发布日期:2020-04-08 11:46
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With the rapid development of the economy, the environment is deteriorating, the air quality is getting worse and worse, and various air pollution problems have received great attention from the society. People are paying more and more attention to their own health protection. Among them, one of the most obvious phenomena is that many citizens have developed the habit of using masks.

At present, the variety of masks on the market is chaotic and the price difference is large. If the choice is not correct, it will bring harm to its own health. Experts suggest that when the citizens travel, they should choose the masks to be worn according to the environmental conditions. They should not blindly choose masks with high filtration efficiency. Otherwise, wearing them for a long time may cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Among them, the
folding mask is suitable for use in the case of mild contamination and prevention of bacteria. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, there is such a misunderstanding in the market that folding masks are medical masks. In fact, this kind of cognition is incorrect. This will have a certain impact on whether people can correctly select the appropriate folding mask. .

Folding mask refers to a masked product in which a non-woven fabric is used as a main material, a small number of folded masks are made of paper or gauze, and a finished mask is displayed in a flat form, collectively referred to as a folded mask.

There are many types of folding masks. According to the structure, they are mainly divided into single-layer folding masks, double-layer folding masks, three-layer folding masks, four-layer
folding masks and five-layer folding masks, and flat folding masks.

Depending on the material, the effect of different aspects of the breathability and filterability of the mask will be different, and the applicable fields will be different. For example, single-layer and double-layer folded masks are mainly made of non-woven fabric or paper. These masks do not have filtering materials for filtering dust and germs, but they have good gas permeability and are mainly used in food and beauty industries.

The medical mask is only one type of
folding mask, and is a folding mask that is used on the market. The medical mask refers to a mask that meets the requirements of the national technical standard YY0469--2011, generally refers to a three-layer non-woven mask with a filter layer, which is mainly used for blocking bacteria and has the characteristics of good gas permeability. From the perspective of applicable fields, first, the use of hospitals is large, and it is popular among doctors and nurses. Secondly, it is widely used in daily life to prevent pollen and flu.
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