Folding mask machine manufacturer explains how to choose folding mask

发布日期:2019-10-28 14:13
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With the rapid development of economy, the deterioration of environment and the deterioration of air quality, the problem of air pollution has been paid great attention by the society, and people are paying more and more attention to their own health protection. In the meantime, the habit of using masks is indispensable.

At present, the types of masks on the market are disordered and the prices vary greatly. If you choose an incorrect mask, it will damage your health. Experts suggest that when citizens travel, they should choose the masks they wear according to the environmental conditions. They should not blindly choose masks with high filtering efficiency, or they will suffer from dizziness, disgust and vomiting for a long time.

Folding mask is suitable for light pollution and bacteria prevention. However, from now on, there is such a misunderstanding in the market that folding masks are
medical masks. In fact, this recognition is not correct, which will have a certain impact on whether people can correctly choose suitable folding masks.

Folding mask refers to a kind of mask product with non-woven cloth as the primary material and a small amount of folding mask made of paper or gauze. After all, the finished products of the mask are displayed in a flat way, which are collectively referred to as folding mask. The types of folding masks are complex. According to the structure, they are mainly divided into single fold mask, double fold mask, three fold mask, four fold mask, five fold mask and plane fold mask.

According to different materials, the effect of permeability, filtration and other aspects of the mask will be different, and the scope of application will be different. For example, the single-layer and double-layer folding masks are mainly made of non-woven fabric or paper. This kind of masks do not have filter materials for filtering micro dust and bacteria, but they have good air permeability and are mainly used in food and beauty work.

The medical mask is only one kind of
folding mask, which is widely used in the market. Medical mask refers to the mask that meets the requirements of national technical standard yy0469-2011, generally refers to the three-layer non-woven mask with filter layer, which is mainly used to block bacteria and has the characteristics of good air permeability. From the perspective of application scope, first, the hospital has a large amount of Zui, which is well received by doctors and nurses. Second, it is widely used in daily life to prevent pollen, influenza and other aspects.
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