The differences of the types of masks made by the manufacturers of folding masks

发布日期:2020-04-15 14:26
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Maybe the masks we usually see on the road are very single, but because they involve all walks of life, people of different occupations have different masks, and the effect of masks is not the same. Folding mask machine manufacturers produce a special mask machine is not the same. Let the manufacturer of mask machine tell you the difference between civilian and normal masks and other masks.

The difference between normal mask and anti haze mask

(1) the most common gauze
mask has the worst effect of protecting the floating particles in the air. The common gauze mask is the fiber mask. Its flow blocking principle is a mechanical blocking effect. Through the mechanical blocking of the fiber cloth layer by layer in the mask, the larger particles in the air can be blocked, but the particles with a diameter less than 5 microns cannot be blocked.

(2) the medical outer mask and disposable mask can block the floating particles with a diameter of more than 4 microns. The tightness of the mask in the hospital environment is tested. The test results show that according to the general medical specifications, the transmissivity of the medical surgical mask is 18.3%, and that of the disposable mask is 85.6%, indicating that the transmissivity of the medical mask is 18.3%. The effect of fine particles is very limited.

(3) the anti haze mask of folding respirator manufacturer adopts air filtering data skills. 0.25 micron level, can avoid the invasion of bacteria. The filter center of the mask is also added with dust-free granular activated carbon, because the traditional activated carbon fiber mask is applied with a layer of activated carbon powder on the real filter fiber, and there is a part of fine carbon powder particles in the fiber cloth, which has a certain impact on the users with lung disease. After surprise treatment, granular activated carbon can not only deeply purify dust pollutants, but also absorb toxic gases, further improving the safety of masks.

The difference between industrial mask and civil mask

(1) the air permeability of industrial masks is relatively poor, and the prevention effect of virus and bacteria is not obvious, although
industrial masks can effectively filter PM2.5 and even the floating particles below. However, when people breathe together, they will simply attach the water vapor they breathe to the inner wall of the industrial mask, which will weaken the filtration effect of PM2.5, and even nourish the bacteria and viruses in it, making the industrial mask a Petri dish of bacteria and viruses. And the health of consumers is simply threatened by the secondary pollution of industrial masks. Wearing industrial masks for a long time can easily cause lasting damage to the respiratory system, especially for children and the elderly.

(2) although the civil masks produced by the folding respirator manufacturer are not as airtight as the industrial masks. But it has the advantages of convenient cleaning, long-term wearing, repeated use, little harm to the body, and some brand masks have antibacterial function. Through the outer layer of antibacterial cloth and the inner filter, it can oppose the fine particles and bacterial viruses in the air, and then achieve all the useful protective effects.
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