What are the basic maintenance knowledge of folding mask manufacturers?

发布日期:2019-10-07 16:33
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Oil pipeline: Check the oil leakage in all parts of the oil pipeline and deal with it in time. Avoid scratch and oil deterioration of piston rod.

Machinery: check the transmission part of the machine to see if there is wear and tear, check whether each butter nozzle is blocked, and inject butter.

Circuit: Pay attention to the cleanliness of circuit boards, regularly clean up the dust of strong and weak electric boxes, adhere to the dry electric boxes, avoid dampness.

Other matters needing attention: Hydraulic oil should be replaced once a year and oil sludge should be tidied up. Water cooler should be tidied up in time to avoid oil temperature rising to accelerate oil aging. In safety, circuit safety door switch, oil relief valve, mechanical safety block and machine warning lamp should check whether they work normally during maintenance.

Working principle of
forming machine

The working principle of the cup mask machine is similar to that of the injection syringe. It uses the thrust of the screw (or plunger) to injecting plastic that has been plasticized (i.e. viscous flow state) into the closed mold cavity, and then obtains the process after solidifying and shaping.

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