What are the technical advantages of folding masks?

发布日期:2020-04-15 14:31
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The folding mask machine is a fully active machine for folding the mask body. Using the ultrasonic technology, the folding mask machine will bond 3-5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter data, and cut out the folding mask body. It can process 3M9001, 9002 and other masks body.

According to the original data, the mask can reach different specifications such as FFP1, FFP2, N95 and so on. The ear belt is elastic nonwoven, which makes the wearer's ear comfortable, no pressure, and the mask filter cloth has good filtering effect. It perfectly fits the Asian face shape and can be applied to high pollution occupations such as architecture, mining and so on.

Relevant parameters of
folding mask machine are:

1. PLC active control, folding mask machine active counting.

2. Simple conditioning equipment for folding mask machine, convenient for refueling.

3. Mould selection and replacement method, folding mask machine can quickly replace the mold, produce different types of masks.

4. The folding mask machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and firm without rust.

5. Preemptive feeding and receiving equipment.

6. The folding mask machine has high stability and low failure rate.

Wearing masks is fastidious:

Folding Mask Machine reminds you: after removing the mask, don't jam it in disorder. Fold the mask from outside to inside. When folding, be careful not to let your hands touch the inside of the mask. After strapping the mask, wrap it in clean toilet paper or handkerchief for next use. Masks should be kept clean and disinfected every day. Both gauze masks and air filter masks can be disinfected by heating. Clean water and hang in the hot sun. Folding mask machine
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