Type of Mask Machine Produced by Folding Mask Machine

发布日期:2019-09-30 15:37
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We have the habit of wearing masks when we go out. Especially in spring, in some places where people are crowded, wearing masks can be useful to prevent some air-borne diseases. But do we know? With the development of industrial automation, masks are also manufactured through automation machinery, the first choice of machinery is folding mask machine.

As for the filter material of a good protective mask, there are three requirements: first, the filter efficiency is high when the mask is close to the user's face; second, the breathing permeability is good; third, the mask is comfortable. There are many raw materials for dust-proof masks, such as general fabrics, animal hair, non-woven fabrics, activated carbon felt and so on.

Because of the poor molecular structure of gauze masks, many tiny damaged particles will enter our lungs through the tiny void of the masks. The filter material of gauze mask is mostly some mechanical fabrics. The dust-proof rate of gauze material is low. As long as the thickness of the gauze mask is added to achieve the effect, it makes the user feel that the breathing resistance increases and the comfortable experience of the mask becomes worse. However, the non-woven fabrics treated by static electricity can not only obstruct large dust particles, but also adsorb fine dust by the electrostatic charge attached to its surface. After treatment, the thickness of the filter material is very thin, which makes the user breathe smoothly, thus satisfying the three necessary conditions of the good filter material mentioned earlier.

However, there are a lot of product masks produced by different types of folding masks on the market. Many brothers don't know how to choose a suitable mask style. There are several different types of masks below. When you choose to buy masks, you can choose masks that can effectively protect human health. Functional effect.

1. Cup masks

Cup masks are the first choice of tasteless, non-toxic, non-allergic, non-toxic and non-toxic glass materials. They have the characteristics of soft feel, high efficiency, low toxicity, odor removal, cleanliness, convenience and safety.

2. Folding Masks

Folding mask belongs to a kind of folding planning mask, which is easy to wear and has a common planning shape. It can ensure excellent closeness with the face. It is suitable for most face types. It is mainly suitable for dust protection in construction, stone mining, polishing, electronic and food processing.

3. Medical masks

Medical mask belongs to a kind of national testing. Safety and cleanliness of respirator products are widely used by doctors in hospitals. Most of them are disposable, easy to use and need not be cleaned. Compared with the civil respirator, they have more protective effect on respiratory diseases.

4.Civil masks

Civil masks can be divided into cotton cloth, seconds cloth, activated carbon and other raw materials. The more layers of masks, the better and stronger the protective effect on its pathogens.

The masks produced by different types of masks machine and equipment are different, and there are many different ways of production, so when we choose or buy folding masks machine, we must take into account the applicable environmental conditions, ensure that we buy a product that fits the environment, to prevent the purchase of an inappropriate environment. Product masks, so as not to get outstanding masks protection effect.
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