The use of folding mask machine!

发布日期:2020-03-09 15:26
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With the development of society and the expansion of urban construction, every city is being demolished and rebuilt. Every time it is made, it will bring a lot of damage to the surrounding environment. As a resident friend living in the environmental rebuilding, in order to protect their health, it is a good way to go out and use masks. Generally, during the period of construction, modification and manufacture, the dust in the air is below 5 microns, and the general mask can not obstruct the fine dust below 5 microns. At this time, the good choice is to fold the mask.

The main reason why folding masks can effectively obstruct fine dust lies in filtering data. The whole part of the data is composed of fibers that can be electrostatic forever, so that when wearing folding masks, the wearer can catch those fine dust particles and obstruct all kinds of harmful substances outside the masks. It effectively protects human health. Especially for those who have respiratory diseases, wearing folding masks has become an effective protection measure. As young urban people in the new era, we should learn to do our own protection work well and ensure that our health is not affected.
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