Inspection of Outside Point Machine Equipment of Folding Mask Machine

发布日期:2019-09-21 17:05
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The transmission system of the mask exterior point machine includes motor, gear, reducer, sprocket, chain, conveyor belt and so on. We need to check whether there is dust on the exterior surface of the folding mask machine, which affects the heat dissipation, whether the gear and sprocket are oiled or not, and whether there are attachments. Whether the chain tightness is suitable or not, and whether the connecting screw between the transmission parts is loose, etc. Is the lubricating oil enough for the reducer?

Inspection of facial mask exterior point machine equipment:

1. Ultrasound system: (consisting of an Ultrasound box, a vibrator, a welding head and a connecting wire).

Check whether the ultrasonic system is clean, especially the ultrasonic box, vibrator (transducer), welding head (expansion ratio) need to be monotonous cleaning can not have water, the connection line needs to be solid. Ultrasound weld wear is often checked. Carefully investigate the change plan of the voltmeter and ammeter pointer on the ultrasonic box.

2. Air supply system of
folding mask machine: (composed of air filter system, air pipe and cylinder).

Is there water in the air filter? Drain water, by the way to the air compressor water (air compressor water: humidity area to the air compressor water every day). Check for air leakage in the trachea? Is there air leakage in the cylinder? Cylinder magnetic induction preventer position and operation is normal.

3. Electrical system:

Check whether the circuit connector of the equipment is loose, and whether the main power supply line, branch signal line, etc. are worn out? Ageing? Electrical parts loose? Whether the electric box is clean and monotonous, and whether the exhaust fan is working properly, etc.

For the product equipment and characteristics of folding mask machine, the main points are:

1.the machine adopts leading program control, concise button operation, fully demonstrates the humanized operation concept;

2. One to four layers of high standard masks can be formed at one time, and the setting speed is fast. The common technology is selected to deal with the traditional sticking die problem.

3.we can accomplish six work stations/two groups (totally twelve work stations) together, with high efficiency.
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