The Manufacturer of Folding Mask Machine Talking about the Benefits of Dust-proof Mask

发布日期:2019-09-21 16:59
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Manufacturers of folding masks analyze the primary performance that affects the quality of dust protection products

First, the dust-proof power of the
dust mask.

Dust-blocking power is based on its blocking power to fine dust, especially to respirable dust below 5 micron. Because this particle size of dust can directly enter the alveoli, which has the greatest impact on human health. General gauze mask, its dust-proof principle is mechanical filtering, that is, when dust collides with gauze, through layer upon layer of barrier, some large particles of dust are blocked in the sand cloth. However, for some fine particles, especially those less than 5 microns, they pass through the mesh of the gauze and enter the respiratory system. There are some dust-proof masks, whose filter material is made up of fibers filled with durable static electricity. The respirable dust less than 5 microns is attracted by static electricity in the process of passing through the filter material and is adsorbed to capture fine dust in the filter material, which really plays a dust-proof role.

Secondly, the closeness between the mask and the face shape.

Air is like water flow, where resistance is small, it moves first. When the shape of the mask manufacturer of folding mask machine is not close to the face, dangerous substances in the air will leak into the airway from the close place and enter the human respiratory tract. Well, even if you choose a mask with the best filter material. Nor can your health be guaranteed. At present, many foreign laws and regulations, workers should be punctual for the mask tightness test. The purpose is to ensure that workers choose the appropriate size of masks and wear them according to the correct process.

Third, wear comfortably

Pray for small respiratory resistance, light weight, no odor, no irritation to the skin, wear cleaning, convenient device. Only in this way can workers be willing to insist on wearing and advancing their work power in the workplace.

International primary skills in dealing with occupational pneumoconiosis: high-tech stable electrostatic field fiber filter material is used abroad, and folding mask manufacturers use resin durable polarized dielectrics and polymers with electrostatic field as data. Charged fibers have durable positive and negative electrostatic charges, which constitute a stable electric field, attracting particles in the air stream, while attracting charged and non-charged particles to achieve the purpose of capture. It not only has great forward dust-resisting power, but also greatly reduces the suction resistance.
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