Manufacturers of Folding Mask Machines Discuss the Property of Dust

发布日期:2020-04-22 10:52
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(1) Chemical composition and concentration
The chemical composition of dust and its concentration in air directly determine the degree of damage to human body. For example, the higher the content of free silica, the stronger the fibre-inducing effect. Mineral dust and plant dust have different effects. Inhalation of certain metal dust through the respiratory tract may lead to metal poisoning. The manufacturer of folding mask machine thinks that the higher the concentration of the same kind of dust in the air, the larger the inhalation volume, the greater the damage, and the higher the incidence of pneumoconiosis.

(2) Dispersion of dust
Dispersion refers to the extent to which substances are destroyed. The particle size of the dust varies, and the smaller the particle size, the larger the percentage, the higher the dispersion, and vice versa, the lower the dispersion. The probability of dust being absorbed into the body is related to the length of time it stays in the air. The probability of dust being absorbed is high because of its high dispersion, slow settling speed and high stability. The degree of stability is also related to the density and shape of dust. Dust with the same particle size has the advantages of high density, fast settling speed and low density. Usually large dust particles (about 10 microns), most of them are blocked in the upper respiratory tract, and small particles (less than 5 microns) can reach the deep respiratory tract.

(3) Dust solubility
The high solubility is related to the small damage to human body. The effect of toxic dust on human body (such as lead and arsenic) increases with the addition of its solubility. The manufacturer of folding mask machine said that some dust (such as flour and sugar) can be simply dissolved, absorbed or discharged in the body, which does little harm to the human body. Some dust (such as quartz and asbestos) has little solubility, but the damage to human body is serious.

(4) hardness and shape
Hard dust can cause mucosal damage of upper respiratory tract, but fine dust particles entering alveoli are not severely damaged due to their small mass and humid environment. The shape of dust also affects the damage degree to a certain extent. The closer the dust is to the sphere, the better the stability and the slower the dust fall rate are.

(5) Charging
In the process of destruction, substances are charged because of their conflicts. Dust can also be charged by adsorbing charged ions in the air. Dust stability in the air is affected by its different chargeability. The more dust particles with return charges, the more difficult it is to fall. Dust charge and particle size. The specific gravity is related to temperature and humidity. It is generally believed that charged dust particles are easily blocked in the body.

(6) Blasting property

Blasting property is held by highly dispersed combustible dust such as coal, sugar, flour, flax, sulfur, aluminium and zinc. When the dust concentration in the air reaches the blasting limit, the explosion will occur suddenly when the spark, flame or discharge occurs at high temperature.
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