Simple analysis of the classification of folding mask manufacturers

发布日期:2019-09-20 11:50
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Mask-in-one machine is used by us to wear on the face, and some of them even need to be used in the operating room. Therefore, it is necessary for manufacturers of folding masks to request that the mask machine be neat and hygienic. Every day at work, organizers are required to clean the working table and the dishes with masks after power off. They should pay attention not to water, oil, alcohol and other non-toxic and volatile cleaning liquid.

Although the
multi-functional mask machine has many functions, the printing skill is the basic function of the multi-functional one machine, because both the copy function and the fax function need the printing function support to finish. Therefore, folding mask manufacturers can be divided into two categories according to the printing method: laser products and inkjet products. And like the usual printers, the price of inkjet multi-function machine is cheaper, together with a lower price to complete colorful printing, but the unit cost of use is higher; while the price of laser multi-function machine is more expensive, and in less than 10,000 yuan of models can only complete non-printing, and it The advantage is that the unit cost is much lower than that of inkjet.

In addition to being able to classify according to printing skills, multi-function machine can also classify according to the function of goods. You know, although they are all products that integrate printing, copying, scanning and fax (some products may not have fax functions), some users feel that as long as the functions are the same, the goods will be no different, but the reality is not so.

Most of the
folding mask machine manufacturers have strong or weak points in each function, which is dominated by one function. Therefore, the function of folding mask machine is exceptionally excellent. Usually, it can be divided into print-oriented, copy-oriented and fax-oriented. Scanning-oriented products are rare. Of course, there are also some omnipotent commodities, which have very strong functions, but the quotation is also relatively expensive.
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