How to Get Small Knowledge of Dust from Manufacturers of Folding Mask Machines

发布日期:2019-09-20 11:47
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Dust is the primary form of harmful substances in the production environment. It is the only cause of pneumoconiosis. The manufacturer of folding mask machine considers that the productive dust refers to the solid particles formed in the production process and can float in the air for a long time.

1. Origin of Dust

In the production process, the breakage, grinding, melting of solid materials, loading and unloading of powder, transportation, mixing, sublimation of liquid materials, oxidation of materials and so on, such as imperfect protective measures, will have a lot of dust escaped into the working environment air.

2. Manufacturers of folding masks classify dust

Manufacturer of Folding Mask Machine

(1) Distinguishing according to the nature of dust

According to the different properties of dust, it can be divided into inorganic dust, organic dust and mixed dust.

A. Inorganic dust. It contains:

Mineral dust, such as quartz, asbestos, talc, coal, graphite, rock, etc.

(2) Inorganic metal dust, such as iron, aluminium, tin, copper, lead, zinc, manganese, town, rare earth, etc.

(3) Artificial inorganic dust, such as cement, artificial diamond, ceramics, glass, alloy materials, etc.

B. Organic dust. It contains:

(1) Animal dust, such as feathers, feathers, silks and bones;

(2) Plant dust, such as cotton, hemp, grain, hay, bagasse, wood, tea, pollen, robes, etc.

It refers to dust with a diameter greater than 10 indigo and visible to the naked eye.

B. Microscopic dust

It refers to dust with a particle size of 10um-0.25 and visible under an optical microscope.

C. Ultrastructural Dust

It refers to the dust with particle size less than 0.25, which can be seen under the electron microscope.

The manufacturer of folding mask machine knows that the particles whose particle size is larger than 10 inks precipitate faster and are not dispersed in the stopped air; the dust whose particle size is between 10 and 0.25 inks conforms to STOKES law in the stopped air, drops at the same speed and is not easy to disperse; the dust whose particle size is less than 0.25 inks hardly remains in the stopped air. It's easy to disperse.
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