Selection of dust masks for folding masks manufacturers

发布日期:2019-09-20 11:43
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The manufacturer of folding mask machine should first select according to the concentration and toxicity of dust. According to GB/T 18664 "Selection, Application and Protection of Respiratory Protective Goods", as a half mask, all dust-proof masks are suitable for the environment where the concentration of harmful substances does not exceed the occupational exposure limit of 10 times, otherwise, a full mask or a respirator with higher protection level should be used. If particulate matter is classified as highly toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive, filter data with the highest filtering power should be selected. If the particulate matter is oily, the appropriate filtering data must be selected. If the particles are acicular fibers, such as slag asbestos, asbestos, glass fibers, etc., because the dust mask can not be washed, the face sealing part of the mask with fine fibers can easily cause facial irritation, and is not suitable for use.

As for different types of masks, after the discussion of their protection degree in use, we have assigned a factor, namely designated protection factor (APF), which can help us choose masks. Different countries or manufacturers of
folding masks specify different APF values for masks, but the meaning is the same. For example, according to ANSIZ88.2-1992, the designated protective coefficient of air-filtered half-face masks is 10, which represents that when you wear half-face masks, it can help you to reduce the concentration of harmful substances by 10 times; the same; the APF value of air-filtered full-scale masks is 100, and the electric full-scale masks are 1000, etc.

Our intention to wear masks for protection is to reduce the level of harmful substances in the working environment to the level of allowable exposure (there are different rules for allowable concentrations of different substances in the regulations, refer to PEL values and TLV values in the United States, etc.). Therefore, before choosing the mask, the manufacturers of folding masks should know the actual exposure value of harmful substances, the agreed exposure value of harmful substances, the oxygen concentration and other conditions, and then select accurately according to the specified protective coefficient of each mask.

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