What is the function of the ultrasonic frequency converter of the manufacturer of folding mask machine?

发布日期:2019-09-19 16:51
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With the continuous improvement of scientific level, the scale of application of ultrasonic frequency converter has a great space. Although the frequency converter of folding mask machine manufacturer is widely used, it is mainly imported in our country.

With the birth of new high-power power electronic components, the use of integrated circuits and computer skills, communication frequency conversion speed regulation skills have become increasingly perfect and experienced. Communication frequency converter speed regulation system has been widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, machinery, civil electrical appliances and other industries for its advantages of wide speed regulation scale, fast dynamic response, high speed regulation accuracy, perfect maintenance function and simple operation.

In the practice of equipment repair, the imported frequency converter is the most frequently encountered. Such as Fuji, Sanken, ABB, AB, Siemens and other manufacturers. Especially in the technical transformation of old equipment in large and medium-sized companies, it is most widely used.

The reason is that there were few domestic manufacturers of frequency converters more than ten years ago. The manufacturers of folding masks have simple commodity functions, low functions and low quality. The imported frequency converter has many types, sophisticated skills, complete function, superior function, high quality and economic characteristics, and it is suitable for different equipment driving needs, so it occupies some of the domestic frequency converter market.

In many years of practical use, it is found that there is also a big doubt about imported frequency converters, that is, when most domestic agents and distributors sell imported frequency converters, they are usually based on foreign screening machines, because the price of such goods is not high, and domestic companies are generally acceptable.

In addition, the state-owned enterprises will naturally choose this type of machine in the process of equipment and technical transformation due to insufficient funds, lack of attention to program design, and lack of professional approval. Therefore, 2-3 years after the technical transformation of the equipment, it appears that the
manufacturers of folding masks can not purchase the frequency converter repair parts or the whole machine. Agents use this commodity to screen and sell other models, and the results show that the same equipment transformation project, but choose a variety of models to control the situation.
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