Inner nose beam strip of folding mask machine

发布日期:2019-09-19 16:48
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1. Folding mask machine according to the characteristics of cup-shaped mask products, using ultrasonic technology, through automation process control, the nose beams of the mask are fitted with the mask body at one time, the product quality is stable, and the operation power is high.

2. According to different requirements of customers, masks with 2-5 layers of materials can be produced.

Fully automatic built-in
nose-beam strip folding mask machine is the second generation folding mask machine with fully independent intellectual property rights independently developed by machinery. It is used to produce folding mask machine. Compared with the previous generation folding mask body machine, this machine has higher automation degree. In addition to the traditional ultrasonic wireless welding technology, it will use 3-5 layers of non-woven fabric. Activated carbon and other masks material for body shaping, the machine can also automatically penetrate the nose beams, the nose beams built-in welding in the masks, eliminating the later stage of the welding process, greatly reducing the manual, improve the output power.

folding mask machine can produce folding dust-proof masks of different shapes according to the requirements of customers; according to the different raw materials used, the masks produced can reach different specifications such as FFP1, FFP2, N95, etc., and then use the earband spot welding machine to weld the earband to the body, which can end the production of the folding mask. 。

1. According to the characteristics of cup-shaped mask products, the use of ultrasonic technology, through automated process control, the mask nose beams stick to the mask body at one time, product quality is stable, high operating power;

2. According to different requirements of customers, masks with 2-5 layers of materials can be produced.

3. Unlike other folding masks, this machine is equipped with nose bar penetration equipment: when the shape of masks is required for production, the nose bar is also embedded together, and then folded and welded, which will push the production of folding masks to automation, further saving labor costs and greatly improving production for manufacturers. Power.

4. PLC control, automatic counting

5. Servo motor control, more precise standard control

6. The main frame is made of aluminium profiles and the parts are electroplated. The whole machine is beautiful and stable.

7. Technical parameters:

Equipment Specification: 4500*1230*1740mm

B. Voltage: 220V

C. Pressure: 5kg/cm2
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