Future Prospect of Folding Mask Machine

发布日期:2019-09-19 16:46
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As a new type of mask machine, folding mask machine can produce hot melt adhesive coating. This product can be used as medical supplies, such as surgical clothes, surgical sheets, gloves, industrial protective parts and other resurrected film products, in the performance of air permeability, water resistance, practicability is incomparable.

Four Characteristic Functions of
Folding Mask Machine

1.the skill of film-spraying is sophisticated and the production rate is fast (100m/min), but the effect of non-woven film-spraying with low weight and low coating quantity is not ambitious.

2. Hot-rolled, used for manufacturing SMS nonwoven fabrics. This skill can be used for composite fabrics and membranes. Films are PE materials and nonwoven fabrics are polypropylene fibers, which can be combined in the hot-rolled process.

3. the cloth powder is compounded by spraying hot melt glue powder between the membrane and the non-woven fabric, and then thermodynamically compounded together.

4.the hot melt adhesive breathable coating compound, folding mask machine can manufacture breathable hot sol coating.
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