Folding mask machine materials

发布日期:2019-09-18 16:59
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1. The material used in the mask production line of the automatic mask machine is: non-woven fabric, ear strap, nose bridge;

2. Cup-type mask production line The materials used in the production mask are: non-woven fabric, ear strap (not the same as the flat mask production line ear strap), the nose bridge (not the same), melt-blown cloth, styling cotton Breathing valve

3. Folding mask machine to produce masks to use materials: non-woven fabrics, ear straps, filter cotton, breathing valves;

4. The materials used in the production of masks for duckbill-type masks are: non-woven fabrics, ear straps, filter cotton, and breathing valves.

The more the number of
mask machine layers, the better the protection effect?

Medical masks are divided into three categories according to different materials: general, disinfection and sterilization. They are divided into two types: repeated and one-time use. The outer packaging of the product will be marked. Nowadays, cartoon masks, characteristic masks and feature masks are presented on the market. These fashionable masks are all attributed to non-medical masks and do not have antibacterial and antibacterial effects.

In the
automatic mask machine, the mask must reach a certain thickness to "reject the virus", but this does not mean that the more the mask layer, the better the protection effect. Generally speaking, it is preferred to use 12 to 18 layers. Others, elderly people, asthma patients and those who are not breathing well should not wear thick activated carbon masks.
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