Band Mask Machine in Manufacturer of Folding Mask Machine

发布日期:2019-09-17 16:21
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Ultrasound welding method is used in the bandage mask machine. Transportation equipment is installed on the machine platform. When the equipment is imported into the half-product of the mask, the bandage is blocked by pulling the drum to wrap the edge, then pressed by the ultrasonic wheel. Then the product is exported. Only one person is required to place the mask on the conveyor belt of the folding mask manufacturer. All other follow-up operations are as follows. Complete it all on your own initiative.

Machine features of
folding mask manufacturers:

1. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel are selected for the rack, which has a light and beautiful appearance and does not rust.

2. Active counting can be used to control output power and production progress.

3. Frequency conversion control can adjust the running speed of the equipment according to the actual needs.

4. Drum feeding, more accurate positioning, can minimize the width of raw materials, save costs

5. The length scale of the product is the same with an error of <1 mm. It can be used to control the length of the product.

6. High degree of equipment initiative, low request to operators, only need to lay out and tidy up products.

7. The function is stable and the operation is convenient.

8. Active ultrasonic welding wheel is made of imported excellent steel DC53, which has long service life and wear resistance.

Notes for Machinery Devices of Folding Mask Machine Manufacturers:

1. Unpack and inspect the surface and parts of the equipment for non-destructive marks. Check whether the screw is loose, whether the electrical connector is locked, whether the fittings are complete.

2. Equipment should be placed on flat hard ground. Request that the mask strapping machine violate the heat source at least 0.5 meters, and to ensure that the mask strapping machine front and back at least 1 meter, around at least 1 meter space, for easy operation.

3. Check the voltage request of the sign on the back of the vibration box, and ensure the outstanding grounding of the system.

4. Connect the equipment with the power supply. Be careful to turn off the power switch first. Voltage request: AC220V, 50 ~ 60Hz.
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