How to Define the Planar Mask Machine of the Manufacturer of Folding Mask Machine

发布日期:2019-09-17 16:19
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Planar mask machine is an indispensable production equipment in large-scale production of masks processing plants. The use of masks is becoming more and more widespread, and the demand is increasing. Folding mask machine manufacturer plane mask machine has gradually become the most important thing in mask processing profession. The plane mask machine uses the ultrasonic system to fuse needle-punched cotton, non-woven fabric and melt-blown fabric together in a special order. In the middle of the plane mask, there is a layer of filter fungus melt-blown cloth, which can produce various filtered non-woven finished mask production machinery. The whole machine from feeding to nose thread piercing, edge sealing, cutting finished products are automated production process.

In the early years, the first choice was to use the artificial sewing machine to produce veil masks. The masks produced were thicker, with poor air permeability and uneven quality. Nowadays, the manufacturers of folding masks for protection and medical use choose non-woven masks, because the non-woven products have good air permeability and filtration, can be produced automatically, and the power is fast. Nowadays, the mask welding machine is connected with the non-woven mask machine and can be produced automatically.

Planar masks can effectively prevent respiratory diseases or various air pollution. Therefore, masks have many advantages and advantages, so more and more masks processing factories join the production team. All year round use characteristics, regardless of the medical and industrial characteristics, the huge profit of masks is loved by manufacturers all over the world. The implementation and application of flat mask machines bring many profits to manufacturers.

What are the advantages of the plane mask machine for each factory? The plane mask machine is a fully automatic production equipment. All production processes of the plane mask can be completed in one machine without manual participation, and the machine can accomplish all production tasks superbly. The function of the plane mask machine is stable. It can continue to work for a long time. Titanium plated workpieces are selected together in appearance. The service life of the parts is long and the electrical system is safe and excellent.

Choosing stainless steel fixture can be adjusted according to production demand. Make it easy for manufacturers to produce folding masks. In production, there are tension wheels, which can adjust the tension of the distribution, and then ensure that the facemask is more beautiful and has a good balance. In peacetime use and maintenance is also very simple and fast, can give the company huge economic benefits.
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