Manufacturers of Folding Mask Machines Promote the Use of Mask Machines

发布日期:2019-09-17 16:15
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Masks can filter the air coming into the lungs. When dust is full, PM2.5 is higher, and industrial work is done, they usually wear a non-woven mask, so that polluted dust or bacteria can not enter our body, which has a good maintenance effect on our physical and mental health. However, a large number of non-woven masks are used. With the increasing market demand and the increasing industrial development of folding masks manufacturers, we may as well learn about the development and application of non-woven masks and broaden our intelligence.

Previously, our country generally used veil masks, mainly relying on artificial sewing machine to complete, low output value, high cost, no nose thread mask, quality is difficult to guarantee. The existing protective and medical masks are essentially non-woven products. The majority of folding masks manufacturers choose semi-active or active machines to produce. Most manufacturers mainly produce masks by manual spot welding, especially special-shaped masks. The nose thread is basically completed by manual spot welding, and the number of masks manufactured by machinery is up to 100%. Up to 60-80 pieces per minute. Spot welding with artificial nose thread can only lead down 10-15 pieces per minute, which greatly reduces the production power of non-woven masks. Nowadays, manufacturers are increasing the research and development of non-woven masks with active nose thread function, which not only improves labor power, saves labor costs, but also prevents the secondary pollution of masks and supplies. Quality of non-woven mask.

Folding non-woven mask machine is a fully active production machine for folding masks. The first step is to use ultrasonic technology to make folding masks by linking 3-5 layers of non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filtering data. It can reach the standard of FFP1, FFP2 and N95. It is suitable for construction, mining and other highly polluting occupations. For example, the function and characteristics of NK-MMF901 folding mask machine.

1. Finish 3M 9001 and 9002 folding masks body in one time.

2. Set up PLC active control equipment and actively calculate the production parameters.

3. Fully active operation equipment, more convenient to replace data;

4. Agile die replacement method, can quickly die, can produce different types of masks;

5. The whole machine is made of aluminium alloy, which is not only beautiful but also rusty.

6. The machine has longer service life and stable performance.
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