Folding Mask Machine Narrates Application Sites and Unsuitable Crowds

发布日期:2020-04-22 10:47
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Protective masks were first used by people in need of work. With the increase of air pollution, many people choose to wear protective masks to protect themselves when they go out. Is the respirator suitable for everyone? What occasions are suitable for wearing protective masks? Next, Quick Yuda folding mask machine manufacturers will introduce you to the application of respirators and inappropriate crowd.

1. Place of application
In the work, the selection of protective masks should comply with applicable regulations, standards and industry standards. For example, in factories, professional protective masks used in workplaces must have LA signs and relevant certificates. In hospitals, the use of masks must have a medical product registration certificate, and comply with GB/T 18664-2002 standards, combined with detailed working conditions, practical pollutant species, toxicity and concentration levels, as well as the wearer's characteristics and needs, to ensure that the protective masks can reduce the pollutant concentration to a safe level, and pay attention to and transport together. Other protective equipment or tools used do not interfere with each other. When the concentration of dust, smoke and other pollutants in the working environment exceeds 10 times the limit of the working hygiene standard, respiratory protective equipment with higher protection level, such as comprehensive cover, should be selected.

Medical personnel should wear medical surgical masks during operation. Disposable medical masks are not surgical masks, and medical personnel should not wear them during operation. Otherwise, they are likely to suffer splashing of body fluid. Infection; When there is an air-borne risk of infection in surgery, such as intubation or sputum suction for tuberculosis or highly pathogenic avian influenza patients, or other aerosol treatment, medical staff should wear medical protective masks; when new respiratory infectious diseases occur, the medical structure should be managed in accordance with management. The infection control guidelines drawn up by the Department should adopt correct infection control and prevention measures to safeguard the health of patients and medical staff.

2. Unsuitable population
Some people do not use
protective masks properly. Firstly, professional respirators are designed for adults, not for children. In addition to children's small face and leaky elements, people generally can not ask children to understand the use of products independently, and there is a risk of improper use. In addition, the evaluation of respirator resistance by the standard of respirator products The benchmark is based on healthy adults. There may be some problems when it is applied to children who are not physically mature and sophisticated.
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