The Manufacturer of Folding Mask Machine Introduces Why 3M Dust-proof Mask is Used

发布日期:2019-09-16 10:39
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Masks should be well understood and often used in daily life. The masks used in different working environments are also different. There is a lot of dust in the working environment. At this time, staff must wear dust masks. Of course, it is necessary to carry a dust mask with you in areas where environmental pollution is serious. The manufacturer of folding mask machine will explain the benefits of 3M dust mask.

I. 3M8210 Dust-proof Mask Head-wearing

3M8210 particulate matter respirator, 3M with its technical expertise in filtration and electrostatic fibers, provides maintenance-free respirator, using a series of unique technologies to enable it to filter all kinds of harmful particulate matter and odor. The 3M mask has been certified by NIOSH and NIOSH standard NIOSH 42CFR 84N95.

1. Use 3M special filter cotton to protect dust and non-oily particulate matter, and reduce the respiratory resistance as far as possible on the premise of satisfying the filtering power performance.

2. Three-dimensional cup-and-cup planning, adjustable nose clips and soft nose pads can help different users to achieve outstanding facial closure, and reduce the possibility of fogging glasses;

3. Comfortable version uses non-rubber material to make headband, which can be adjusted freely. It has excellent material selection, light weight, soft texture and no effect on skin, so it is more comfortable to wear.

4. Soft inner lining and comfortable facial contact;

5. Mask overall planning enables it to be used in conjunction with a variety of eye and hearing protective appliances.

6. Planning for Asian faces is more suitable for Chinese faces.

7. No seam folding plan at chin, more comfortable to wear.

II. 3M9002V folding head-mounted dust mask with breathing valve

3M9002V folding valve particulate matter respirator has been certified by La in China, which meets the requirements of national standard GB2626-2006 KN90. Electrostatic filter cotton provides excellent dust and particulate matter protection, and the filtering effect of non-oily particulate matter and dust is over 90%. With exhaust valve, suitable for wearing in hot and humid environment for a long time. Generally, it can be used in dust storm, daily cleaning, painting, wood processing, material processing, grinding and other operations of product dust protection.

1, 3M cold flow exhaust valve, reduce heat and moisture accumulation, exhale more smoothly;

2. Adjustable nose clip, adjust the fitting of mask and face to ensure excellent closure;

3. Seamless planning at chin to eliminate the influence on skin and make wearing more comfortable.
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