Medical mask manufacturing machine series, such as: automatic flat mask connecting machine; industrial application mask manufacturing machine series, such as: cup mask manufacturing machine; non-woven dust removal equipment series, such as: mop cloth, wiping glove manufacturing machine; Textile handbag manufacturing machine series, such as: vest bag manufacturing machine; other non-standard non-standard equipment, such as: shoe cover manufacturing machine.
Sophisticated craft
It has the advantages of design and manufacture of automation engineering systems ahead of the mask machine industry, design and manufacture of high-precision molds, fixtures, and ultrasonic stitching and hot melt. The mask machine has stable performance, easy operation and more efficient production.
professional team
Fast and efficient mask machine production line automation solution to improve, design and manufacture non-woven deep processing equipment according to customer's designation and requirements, as well as custom design and manufacturing solutions for mask manufacturing customers.
Excellent word of mouth
Cooperated with many well-known mask manufacturers, it has formed an experienced mask machine production team and standard production process, and has a good reputation in the mask machinery manufacturing industry.
R & D strength
Professional engineer fully automatic mask machine, non-woven non-standard deep processing machinery research and development and manufacturing for 13 years, obtained 18 patents of this product, has considerable equipment R & D production capacity, non-standard custom experts around you.
Dongguan Hongxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Hongxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Founded in 2006, the company has CNC machining center, high-precision equipment, milling machines, grinding machines and other processing and manufacturing equipment. The plant area is 6,000 square meters. It specializes in R&D, manufacturing and precision of fully automated mask machines and non-standard non-standard deep processing machines. Processing of hardware parts, etc. The company has occupied a large number of markets in China with its advantages in design and manufacturing of automatic (semi-automatic) engineering systems, high-precision molds, fixture design and manufacturing, and ultrasonic stitching and hot melt. The company's flat masks, three-dimensional masks, and cup-type masks are all in the forefront of Asia and are exported overseas. The company has a strong R&D team to provide efficient and fast production line automation solutions for different customers. It can improve, design and manufacture non-woven deep processing equipment according to customers' requirements, and provide new design and manufacturing equipment for customers' new products.
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Hongxiang Company adheres to the "integrity management, customer first" to meet the needs of mask manufacturing customers, and to innovate, together with the technical experts of the mask machine industry to jointly innovate and research, making Hongxiang mask machine products more cost-effective, high efficiency, high precision, Customized solutions for mask machinery automation, please contact us for a fully automatic mask machine solution.